Your Compliance

Which coal products can you sell in your region?

Are you worried about compliance? The following links will keep you up to date on recent fossil fuel laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

Coyle Coal Northern Ireland Compliance

Northern Ireland

For air quality and fossil fuel legislation – click here. For the Sulphur Content of Solid Fuel (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2022 – click here.

Coyle Coal Republic of Ireland Compliance

Republic of Ireland

For the Solid Fuel Regulations for the Republic of Ireland (S.I. 529 of 2022) – click here.

Coyle Coal Scotland Compliance


For Smoke Control Areas Guidance in Scotland click here.

Coyle Coal England Compliance


Coyle Coal is certified as Ready to Burn by HETAS. For regulations governing the sale of coal for domestic use in England click here.

Coyle Coal Wales Compliance


For Smoke Control Areas Guidance in Wales click here.